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The process: what actually happens?

Individual Coaching:

  • Usually involves a minimum of six face-to-face sessions of around two to two and a half hours each
  • The first meeting can often last the longest, allowing time to get to know each other, explore the full context and identify goals
  • Sessions should take place away from the client’s usual place of work to avoid distractions and aid clarity of thinking
  • A 360-type of audit, or diagnostic calls, may be recommended to broaden understanding of how a client’s behaviour impacts those around them

Team Coaching:

  • Begins with a 1:1 meeting with the client to clarify objectives, explore the context, set specific goals and agree a bespoke coaching programme
  • Pre-coaching preparation calls with all team members ensure that the coaching programme is tailored to the specific issues that need to be addressed
  • Working with a team can be on or off site and may include individual as well as group sessions
  • Observation in a live meeting setting can also be incredibly helpful to the process