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The benefits

For individuals, coaching can facilitate:

  • Transformational change that increases performance, confidence and job satisfaction
  • Greater self-awareness, enabling you to identify and achieve your goals
  • Greater wellbeing and happiness, both in and out of work

For organisations and businesses, coaching can facilitate:

  • Successful business and strategic planning
  • Greater team cohesion and productivity
  • Employee engagement, helping you to attract and retain top talent
  • Effective leadership at all levels
  • Positive and profitable organisational change

Client testimonials

“I had 6 coaching sessions with Bryony over a period of 9 months and she helped me to move forward when I was feeling stuck.  I highly recommend working with Bryony if you are ready to make some positive changes and would describe her as supportive, challenging, professional, knowledgeable, honest and great fun! 

She took the time to really get to know me and was very patient in giving me lots of space to think and explore my often changing agenda whilst also ensuring that I achieved the coaching goals I had set for the sessions.  She is a brilliant listener and provided many insights about my thoughts, emotions and behavior that I wouldn’t have been able to see myself and have shifted my perspective and increased my self-awareness.   

Working with Bryony has been invaluable to get really clear on what I want, the options that I have to move forward and enabled me to make positive changes.”

Stacey Heanue, HR Business Partner, Viacom – and Personal Development Coach

“I highly recommend Bryony Wright as an executive coach. I  had a course of coaching sessions with Bryony whom I found incredibly personable and engaging. Bryony knew when to be empathetic and when to push me and hold me to account. It helped that Bryony had come from a similar professional field to me in marketing communications and as such understood the pressures I was facing.  Working with Bryony has helped me find better balance and peace in my hectic personal and professional life. Bryony was also incredibly flexible about when and where to meet me and as such was a great coach all round – I would highly recommend her.”

Carrie Chappell, Associate Director, Haygarth

“Bryony has worked with a number of my client companies to provide business behavioural coaching to supervisors and managers.  Bryony is a breath of fresh air,  combining extensive business acumen and experience with genuine warmth and sensitivity.  Her professionalism and passion are clear and on every occasion I have received the best possible feedback from all involved.”

Marie Hodgson, Director, MHR Manager Limited (HR Consultancy)

“Over a series of insightful sessions Bryony helped me how to make sense of and prioritise the myriad demands on my time that I have to deal with in a challenging, multi-faceted role. The process was revelatory, not least because it highlighted some habits that I’d unwittingly developed over the years which have been holding me back…. so I rather wish we’d met sooner!”

Senior Leader, Tolchards Drinks

“I found the workshop on How to Motivate and get the Best out of your Team enormously helpful and extremely enlightening on so many levels! Everything was very clear and easy to understand, I really think that this should be a workshop that all managers/ people in leadership positions should go on. I have since used much of the information gained and it’s helped me so much in my understanding not only about my position and what is expected of me but what I need to give to others in order to get the best out of them in the workplace”

Sarah Easton, Winery Manager, Hush Heath Estate

“Bryony is a fantastic coach. When approaching a particular issue or stumbling block you might be facing, she manages to draw out a new approach or solution from you with, what feels like, minimum effort on your part….She has helped me enormously in both my personal and professional development and my business is benefiting enormously from this.”

Madeleine Waters, Director, Ltd.

“As the leading trade charity supporting current or past-employees in the UK drinks industry, The Benevolent offers practical, emotional and financial help to those who face a variety of difficult circumstances in their lives, including serious illness, disability, issues with stress or depression, with debt or any family crisis.  As part of the practical and emotional support that we offer we have often asked Bryony to carry out life coaching sessions with some of our beneficiaries and we have found her sound advice and her caring manner to be profoundly helpful.  So often we find that having a professionally-trained practitioner approach issues in a calm and disciplined manner results in assisting our beneficiaries with obtaining clarity and agreeing positive solutions.  I would not hesitate in recommending Bryony’s work.”

David Cox, former Chief Executive, The Benevolent